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Palmers Price and Service Information

In order to help you to understand the likely cost of certain kinds of work we do and the services that are included in the cost, here is information on our Residential Conveyancing Service and on our Probate Service.  All our fees include personal access to the person carrying out this work and advice as required

For Residential Conveyancing where there are no special factors our normal charge is £1,600 plus VAT.  This charge applies whether the property is freehold or leasehold and includes any work carried out for an associated mortgage lender.  It applies for both sales and purchases.

The likely disbursements are as follows:-

  • Government Stamp Duty
  • Land Registry registration fees
  • Search fees
We can advise on the amounts involved which are specific to your instruction.
  • Where any special factors apply we will discuss with you any impact this might have on the cost
  • Our service included in our fee for a purchase includes investigating Title, examining the Contract for Purchase and obtaining information about the property from the seller’s solicitors and from statutory undertakers such as water utilities, and drafting the Deed that will transfer the property.  For a sale, we satisfy all reasonable enquiries raised by a purchaser’s conveyancer, prepare a suitable Contract for Sale and effect the conveyance of the property and ensure that the full price is received in order to pay off any mortgage involved and thereafter distributed according to the client’s instructions.
  • For property purchases our fee includes effecting registration of Title at H M Land Registry as required.
  • Our case management system enables clients to track the progress of their case on line and together with information provided by us from time to time will give the likely timescale.

A relatively small part of our conveyancing work consists of equity releases and acting for a mortgage lender alone and we can provide price and service information separately.

Our fee for our Probate Service is normally a fixed fee amount agreed at an early stage in the estate’s administration once we are in possession of information about the Will or intestacy and the assets and liabilities and the number of beneficiaries and the nature of the estate.  To reflect the responsibility carried by the Practice our fixed fee is normally based on a small percentage of the value of the estate involved and ranges between 1% and 3%, both plus VAT.  We discuss with the client the work required and provide a cost proposal accordingly.

There are no hourly rate fees involved so clients of Palmers have complete certainty.

There are virtually no disbursements apart from Probate court fees which currently stand at £155 plus 50p for every sealed copy of the Grant of Probate.  H M Government is proposing increases in Probate Court fees and of course this is outside our control.

Included in our fee are all the enquiries necessary to establish the nature and value of the estate, paying out liabilities and legacies, dealing with H M Revenue and Customs and the Probate Registry, collecting assets and marshalling them and distributing according to the Will or intestacy, including making all necessary searches where required, and providing Accounts of the Administration.

The likely time from inception to Grant of Probate stage and from there to completion varies widely in probate work and would be discussed between clients and our Practice.

In probate work we occasionally provide a reduced service where the client does not require a full service.  For obtaining a Grant of Probate based on information provided by clients our normal fee is between £1,250 and £2,000 plus VAT and Probate Court fees (and the more minor disbursements referred to above) to include all advice required. Clients can then use the Grant of Probate to collect the assets and deal with the administration themselves.

This is of necessity only a brief guide and we are always happy to discuss your individual needs and circumstances.

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